10 gifts ideas for Mother’s Day in 2019!

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le 08 Feb 2022

May is the return of good times on the balcony, afternoons to tan and also Mother’s Day! It’s time to spoil your mom who gave everything for you. As time progresses, it becomes difficult to know what to offer. Of course, you do not want to offer an item she already has … You have no idea to surprise your mom, we have what you need!


For moms who have a green thumb!

Does your mom often tell you that she wants to start gardening? It can be hard to know where to start, especially if she does not have a backyard. Plants require sustained maintenance and there are several rules to follow if you want them to stay alive as long as possible.


Why not start gardening on the balcony! With our pots Greenbo, your mom can turn the balcony into a real paradise! These are installed on all forms of balustrades and require no screws or support. With their patented pot holding mechanism, they will never fall, even in high winds.


Add a touch of greenery in the house, it feels good! In addition to contributing to the well-being of your mother, plants improve air quality and reduce dust in suspension!


Capi planters are perfect for adding green and complementing a shelf or small table! If you wish to use it outside, it is possible to drill a small drainage hole at the bottom. Take care not to leave your Capi pot outside on rainy days, since it could drown the plant…


Also read: we have some indoor plant care tips if you ever want to make a successful Pinterest!


If your mother is the type to forget to water her plants or water them too often, know that we also have self-watering pots with a tank system that promotes plant growth. Thus, she can even go on vacation longer with peace of mind.


For sociable moms!

Your mother is more of the type to make great brunches on Sunday morning with her friends? If she wants to serve good mimosas, it is important to keep the champagne cool. An Ice Bucket NiceBucket is a must-have for morning brunches and suppers. We have a great selection of colours, so no matter what your mom likes, we’ll have what it takes!


Nothing worse than to escape his glass during brunch time … A coaster is a nice solution to avoid these inconveniences. We have the Abanico model and the Universe model available in 2 colours.


If you want the placemats to match with the coasters, we have some products to offer! The ADAMA placemats, produced in Spain are made of quality resistant materials; in addition to being easy to clean.


For chilly moms!

The return of summer also means the big discussions on the terraces between friends. Even in the middle of May, temperatures can be quite low at night. An ethanol table fireplace is a great way to keep warm. Its stainless steel burner gives off the heat with real flames! With a single fill, he can keep your mom warm for several hours.


There’s nothing better than having a foldable chair at your fingertips on the balcony. The Balcony folding chairs would be a nice addition for its outdoor area or garden. Despite its appearance, its steel structure will support any size. It foils the ultra-violet rays of the sun and wears with Batyline® canvas.


For moms who love adventure!

Does your mom especially like to go camping? Nothing worse than running out of light in the middle of the night, that’s why we can offer LUCI inflatable solar lights! Light and flexible, they can offer up to 6 hours of autonomy and are waterproof. The inflatable solar light LUCI Color can as much serve during escapades as they can decorate an outside space.


Taking care of your mom is important. If you want more gift ideas, do not hesitate to come to the shop, our specialists have more than one trick in their bag.

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