20 tips for a successful supper with friends

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le 14 Aug 2019

Whether it is to forget everyday problems or to relax, a good supper with long-time friends is a good way to build links. Considering it’s hard to conciliate work, family or school, it’s even harder to find the time to study. Socializing contributes to reducing our anxiety level, our blood pressure and has an impact on the risk of morbidity and mortality. Now is the time to take a look at your contact list and call your friends with whom you promised to take a coffee. All you have to do is invite them, schedule a date and prepare your balcony for a memorable evening. For better result, you should add a theme to your evening. It’ll create some funny moments, and it’ll be the perfect occasion to take some pictures with your friends. No matter the theme or the size of your terrace, we have 20 tips for you to offer a great evening to your friends.

First, you have to put on the table…

You were thinking about inviting all your friends from university? Before sending a thousand invitations, it would be good to take a look at the size of your outdoor space. Nothing’s worse to not have enough space for all your friends during the supper. When you’re shopping a table for your balcony, you should consider the size of your space and make sure that all your friends will be able to eat comfortably on it.

For the bigger spaces…

If you like to invest in a durable, elegant and local good, Ratana’s table, conceived in Montréal, should be on your list. We’re talking about a commercial grade table that you’ll probably find on the terrace of your favourite bistro or a hotel. UV-protected and resistant to water, it won’t discolour under sunlight. For bigger spaces, Seattle table, coloured in aluminum we’ll be perfect for your space. If you’re thinking of welcoming more than four people, you can always buy two tables and put them together to make a bigger one. In the case where the 32′ Ratana’s table is too big, we also have the 24′ format.

For smaller spaces…

The real challenge with smaller space is to find a table who won’t take too much space but that will be big enough to give space to your guest. Hopefully, we have the solution for you! Anytime square tables will be your best friend. Not only do it let a lot of space for your legs, but his elegance will complete your haven of peace. Easy to maintain, you just need a bit of soap and water to clean it.

Sit comfortably…

Now that the table is installed, it’s important to know how many chairs you need. You don’t want to ask for your neighbour to borrow chairs. Take into consideration the number of guests and the space you have. If you’re lucky enough to have space to store your outdoor furniture, Nardi’s Bora chair should be on your list. According to your preferences, you can opt for a model with or without the armrest and choose among a large selection of colours. Note that all Nardi’s chair is UV-protected to keep his original colour.

If you don’t have enough space to store your outdoor furniture, we have the balcony folding chair for you. As she folds, you’ll be able to store them in your apartment after the supper. To ensure your comfort, balcony chair has supportive back rest. Don’t worry about its fragile look, it can support up to 308 lb. In addition to not absorb water, they’re easy to clean with soap and water. There are several colours available to fit your balcony.


We have all that clumsy friend who always breaks a glass or two… Friendly advice, if you don’t want to pick broken glass and minimize the risk of injury, invest in solid tableware for your balcony. Hopefully, we have a lot tablewares in durable melamine. BPA free and resistant to scratch, it’ll last for several suppers!

If your friend appreciates wine, we have a few wine glasses in store. According to your taste, you can go for a fully transparent glass or a Fizz glass with ornaments.

It’s important to have an ice bucket in order to serve a fresh champenoise soup to your guest. You don’t want the kind of host to serve lukewarm cocktails. Know that we have around twenty colours available in stores. Thereby, we probably have the perfect model to fit your table.

If you don’t know what to serve to your friends, we have 5 essential cocktails for summer!


In the case the colour of your table or your tablecloth is more sober and neutral, a set of four grey plates should be good. It would be a good thing to have some bowl on the side in case you want to serve soup as a starter. Do you prefer punchier colours? A set of four Bali plates will fit perfectly with your space. Don’t hesitate to grab some soft colour or bright colour glass set.

Simplify your life with a serving tray! It’s so simple to bring the meal to your guest with a beautiful serving tray. For the clumsier of us, it’s a good way not to overthrow a good ratatouille or some cakes. In the store, there is a service tray in wood or marble.


Create an intimate ambiance by adding some dim light around the table. With scented candles, it’ll create some intimacy with your guest and let a sweet perfume all along the evening. According to your taste, we can propose you a lavender-scented candle or a beeswax candle. The principal advantage of beeswax candles is that they burn less quickly than paraffin candles and releases negative ions that help to purify your air.

Bring Tunisia at home with a candle holder! Composed of glazed ceramic and handmade in Tunisia, they’re available in six different colours. Whether you appreciate a more sober or a more colourful décor, we have what you need.

Completely waterproof, wireless, lightweight and with a long battery life of up to 24 hours, Edison le Petit Lamp from FatBoy is an option to consider. However, don’t forget to plug it to recharge the lamp. In the case you are the type of person to forget to plug it, we also have an inflatable solar lamp and solar string lights from Mpowerd.


Adding a few plants on the table makes things more convivial. Don’t hesitate to put some flowerpots on the table or on the side to create an intimate ambiance. For the herbs lover, the Cube Colour 14 is perfect for you. In addition to having a wick irrigation system, there’s a level indicator telling you when to refill the reservoir to help you keep your herbs healthy for a long time. You can always replace herb with flowers to get a more aesthetic look. Puro Colour self-watering planters, available in three colours is a great choice.



What would be a good supper with friends without music? A few days before the day, it would be a great idea to ask your guest what kind of music they like. Don’t hesitate to mix several musical genres and create a progression. If you’re lacking inspiration, we invite you to take a look on our Spotify page.


We present you, in the blog post, some tips to offer a great evening with your friends. It’s important to consider the size of your balcony in order to choose the right table. Make sure to have enough chairs and glasses. It’s better to take tableware made in durable melamine. Know that we’re here if you need to develop your balcony. You can buy or simply rent our products for big events.

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