5 tips to relax after work

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le 01 Aug 2019

Monday morning, the week has just begun and you’re already thinking about the work to be submitted, the long meetings and new folders that will land on your office. A pile of papers is growing, but time seems to be missing, then you begin to stress. Stress is normal, it’s human, but you shouldn’t bring your office’s problems at home. Did you know that in 2013–2014, 34% of Quebecers were experiencing a high level of stress in their workplace? The principal sources of stress are working, money, time and work-family balance.

If you know that you’re constantly stressed, it’s important to identify the cause and to take action. Eventually, stress may increase the chances of cardiovascular and mental illness. We propose you five ways to prevent stress to aerate your ideas.


Do you remember the last time you set foot in a library? If you forget, it’s not too late to visit your local library. A study, done by the University of Sussex shows that reading while, for only six minutes allows reducing the heartbeat and appease muscular tension. The fact that our brain has to concentrate only on words helps to escape from the everyday world.

Furthermore, reading contributes to improving relationships with others because it improves our capacity of being empathic. Fiction novels are great to improve our empathy because we have, to understand the story, to place ourselves in the skin of the character. To help you with your relationships with your relatives, it may help you with your relationship with your colleagues and boss.

The only you’ll need to begin is a book! For better results, we recommend you to create a reading corner to read in the best conditions. To begin, invest in a good lighting is important. Even if reading in a dark place won’t have negative effects on your vision eventually, in the short term, it may cause you headaches. Aesthetic, light and portable, Edison le Petit lamp will be your best friend during long reading session. If you want a greener solution, Luci inflatable solar lamp is for you! Besides being watertight and rechargeable, you’ll be able to bring it during a picnic in the evening or camping.  

Also, add some indoor plants is a good way to personalize your reading corner. If you have a hard time to maintain your plants, we have self-watering plants that will help you keep it healthy. An aesthetic and practical solution would be planter covers. Besides match with the indoor decor of your home, it’ll add greenery to your shelf or your window. If you like to read while listening to music, smart flowerpot is for you! It won’t take care of your plant, but it can connect to your Spotify account through Bluetooth and add some ambiance your sessions. (We prepared a Spotify playlist for your reading session.)

If you want to create a reading corner, we have six tips for you! 

bienfaits de la lecture


Nothing’s better to practise manual activity to unhook from work. Of course, it’s not everybody that has a big yard to plant fruits and vegetables. However, planting flowers and legumes in the comfort of your balcony still, have a therapeutic effect!

Gardening is a good way to improve your diet. What’s better to eat fresh vegetables coming from your garden? When we’re stressed, we’re often tempted to relieve stress by nibbling. Rather than snacking on potato chips, why not make healthy snacks! 

Not only cultivating your vegetables improves your diet, but it’s also a good way to prevent cardiovascular illness since, by practising gardening you’re doing sport. Plowing the earth, gathering tomatoes and taking out weeds, it’s exhausting! Like every sport, you have to adopt good positions to prevent injury. Make sure to always keep your back right and bring some knee pads.

If you don’t have a big yard, you can opt of Greenbo planters and begin to grow flowers on your balcony. If you want to grow legumes, Lechuza planters can hook on the railing of your balcony or at the edge of the window. Having an ingenious watering system, it’ll favour the growth of your plants and you won’t have to worry too much if you forgot to water them because there’s a water tank at the bottom of the ferry. If you want a watering can that will match with your planters, Yula watering can if perfect for this. It can contain up to 1.7 L of water and has an ergonomic handle. 

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It’s not the ideal solution for the environment, but from time to time, a hot bath can help to de-stress. Pour water in the bath and relax. If you want, you can grab a good book and add some beeswax candles to make the experience more interesting. Japanese incense, from Hibi, will give you well-being with her emanations and perfumes.

To make the most of your hot bath, you can always try a detoxifying hot bath. Make some searches on Google, and you’ll see a lot of good recipes for a detoxifying bath. Here’s to recipes for you.

Epsom Salt

– 65 ml of Epsom salt

– 65 ml of baking soda

– 85 ml of cider vinegar

– 20 drops of essential oils


– 500 ml of Epsom salt

– 30 ml of grounded ginger


Is your balcony ready for summer? Why don’t you take advantage of your balcony to call some longtime friends? Socialize is a good way to evacuate the accumulated stress of the day. Begin to put on the table, a few glasses and plates to make some bites and voilà! If you don’t know which drinks to serve to your guests, we have some mocktails for you. You should put some music to make the reunion more pleasant. (We also have a playlist for this moment.)

Your friends are abroad? No problem! It’s always possible to opt for community activities or for volunteering. To take part in activities will contribute to reducing your chance of suffering from cardiovascular illness and to reduce your tension. 


You already have heard that from your doctor, but practising sport isn’t only good to relieve your stress, it’s good for physical and your mental health. By practising a sport regularly, it’ll be easier for you to regulate your blood pressure, to breathe better because it contributes to increasing your pulmonary capacity and increase the quality of your sleep.

Of course, we can enumerate you all the benefits of sport, but if you want to see results, it’s important to practise it regularly. The principal difficulty when we’re in active life is to conciliate work and sport. We give you a few tips to keep your head up and discipline yourself. 

Why not do it in the morning?

If you’re the person to get up early, why not take advantage of the morning to go to the gym. If you don’t have access to a gym near your home, you can always go for a quick run around your house. Practising sport in the morning is a good way to start the day, and the quality of your sleep will increase. The first time, it may be sowing, especially if you’re not used to getting up early. If you notice that you have some difficulties to maintain your rhythm, maybe you should consider another option. As mentioned earlier, the important thing is to be regular! 

On lunchtime!

Of course, this solution has a lot of advantages, but it’s not available to everybody. By running around your office or by doing a quick ride to the gym, you will resume your work, in the afternoon being more productive!

On the other hand, you need to have a shower available and a cloakroom near. It would be a good idea to have a discussion with your employer to make sure of the feasibility of practising physical activity on a lunch break. 

Otherwise, you can always walk with your colleagues around the office. 

Why not after work!

Immediately out of the office, it’s the perfect occasion to let off steam. According to your schedule, three training per week of 1h30 is a good way to maintain your line or a quick training of 30 minutes daily.

Consider that by going to the gym in the evening, you may find yourself in front of a gym filled. It’s possible that you’ll have to wait to use some machines. Also, it’ll be harder to find sleep if you practise intense physical activity just before sleeping.

femme yoga sport

Finally, you have to remember that aerate your ideas after work is essential! Not only it’ll be beneficial for your physical and mental health, but it’ll also impact your productivity at the office and in your everyday life. We have given you five ways to relax and relieve yourself from stress. It’s important to find a balance that makes you feel good. If, after you have tried all these methods, you’re still stressed, it’s important to seek help.

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