8 Gift Ideas to surprise your dad on Father’s Day in 2019!

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le 08 Feb 2022

8 Gift Ideas to surprise your dad on Father’s Day in 2019!

June is synonymous with summer. Who says summer, says terrace season, festivals and a lot of festivities. It’s also Father’s Day coming very soon. It’s always difficult to find the right gift that will surprise your dad… Fortunately, we thought of you. Whether you are the type to buy your gift several weeks in advance or that you are rather at the last minute, know that we have the perfect gift for you. Whether your dad likes to go on an adventure, likes to read or loves the BBQ, we have everything you need!

For Dad who loves BBQ

He may not always be the best in the kitchen, but when it comes time to open the BBQ and the terrace, he becomes a real cook. Why not give him a BBQ that lives up to his culinary ambitions? Our balcony BBQ from ONE Q will quickly become a must for the BBQ season. With its stainless steel case and robustness, it can serve for years.

Of course, if your dad likes to invite his friends, some Lafuma chairs would be a good complement to spend pleasant evenings. Don’t be fooled by her appearance, she can stand the big jigs!

A good way to extend the good times on the balcony would be to buy him an ethanol fireplace. Functioning both indoors and outdoors, your dad can chat on the terrace for a long time without getting cold. Designed in Montreal in lacquered steel or stainless steel, it can offer up to 4 hours of heat with a single filling.

For Dad who loves reading …

As soon as he comes back from work, he likes to dive into his books until the wee hours of the morning? If his library is full of books he hasn’t read yet, give him comfort! Stella Pouf is a good option. Comfortable and stylish, it can be easily combined with its outdoor area or living room. In addition, it is offered in several colours, so there is something for everyone. Being firm enough, it will not sag and keep its shape.

If you prefer to opt for a more modern style, Flowr Bean Bag is your best option. In addition to being resistant to stains, abrasion, and mildew, it is resistant to UV rays! As a result, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Although there is evidence that inadequate light has no long-term effects on the eyes when reading, in the short term this can cause headaches or eye strain. Have you thought about giving him a bedside lamp? FatBoy’s Edison The petit lamp is the perfect solution to avoid these inconveniences and offer the comfort he deserves when reading. With his bulbs LED and autonomy between 6 and 24 hours, he will be able to have a long reading session with peace of mind.

Adding greenery is a good way to give a modern look to your reading corner. Having a plant in the home has several health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and improving productivity. Lechuza planters would be perfect to make his corner of reading, a true small paradise. Since it has a watering system and a water level indicator, it will be easier for him to maintain his plants.

Also to read (if your dad does not have a green thumb): Interior plants tips for a successful Pinterest decor

For Dad who likes to go on an adventure …

Whether it’s for camping or fishing, it’s always important to get some light on yourself. For outdoor activities, the Luci Essence lamp is the solution for your dad! With its 10 ultra-powerful LED bulbs, maximum autonomy of 8 hours and its 125 g, he will never lack light!

Whether your father loves adventure, reading or just loves cooking on the BBQ know that we have a gift idea that suits all profiles. If you have any questions, we are waiting for you in our shop!

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