8 Tips For A Great Christmas Supper

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le 28 Nov 2019

You just learn that the Christmas supper will take place at your home. You can’t wait to receive your friends and your family and you’re asking yourself how to make sure that the evening is unforgettable. There are so many things to think about for this event. Do you have enough chairs and glasses for your guests? Do you know which meal or drink you’ll serve them? How to choose a good wine? How to decor your home for the occasion? Here are eight tips for a great evening during the holiday. 

To Sublimate Your Table: A Table Runner

While maintaining the eyes of your guests on the table, a table runner is an easy and simple way to personalize it. We recommend using a small silver garland in the middle of your table to welcome the plate or between the table set. You can place it directly on the table or on a tablecloth. 

Think About the Middle

To give height and volume, it’s always wise to put a central element. You could, for example, opt for a small golden or white fir depending on the colour of your table and the room. According to the style and the atmosphere you want for your revelry, we have a large selection of Christmas decorations for your table.  

Intimacy Is Everything

Create an intimate atmosphere for the holidays with some candles. According to your taste, you can choose scented or unscented candles. Don’t hesitate to decor your candle with a candle holder to create a game of light. In the shop, we have a lavender-scented candle or beeswax candle. These candles will spread a sweet scent in your living room and your house. 

Don’t Forget: Greenery

Create contrast on your table with greenery. You could put some table’s centre containing pine and pine cones to create a convivial atmosphere. In the shop, we have many tables’ centres that will give your table a distinguished look. For plant lovers, we also have the planter covers and self-watering pots from Lechuza

It’s always better with wine. 

Whether you want to keep the bottle of wine far from the children or to surprise your guests, a bottle cover is a must for your supper with colleagues or with the family.  

To keep your cocktails or your bottles of wine fresh, an ice bucket Nicebucket is a good way to add colour to your table. According to your tastes, we have dozens of different buckets that will fit perfectly with your decorations. 

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Don’t Forget The Tableware

What would be a great Christmas evening without great tableware? If the colour of the tablecloth is bright, we recommend you to use grey plates to establish a contrast. If the colour of the tablecloth is sober, choose bright colours for your tableware

We have several plates and wine glasses in durable melamine. They can even resist your clumsiest friends.   

To complete, add some table napkins that will fit with the plates. 

Let your imagination run wild

There are still some empty spots on your table? Why not put some Christmas’s ball or small bells. According to the desired rendering, we have bright or soberer Christmas’s ball.

It’s Always Better With Music

Finally, what would be a good supper without music! Don’t hesitate to mix several musical genres to make sure everyone will find their account. We prepared you a Spotify playlist for the holiday.  

For more advice, don’t hesitate to come to Le Balconier to meet our specialists. We will be happy to guide you in your choices. 

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