Electric terrace heater – How to heat an outdoor terrace?

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le 27 Jan 2021

For the children, the month of September is synonymous with the beginning of the school year. It is also the month when many Quebecers start to put away their tables, chairs, and garden furniture. A question arises as to whether it would be possible to extend the warm season on the terrace. If you can still opt for the traditional throw-away, we offer you a solution that should please you more: the patio heater. You don’t invest in a patio heater the same way you buy a baguette in the corner grocery store. First and foremost, it’s a thoughtful purchase that requires a lot of thought. At the Balconier, we specialize in terrace and balcony design since 2013. We give you our best advice to choose the right patio heater for your outdoor space.

Which patio heater to choose?

When the time comes to heat the balcony, several solutions are available to you.

  • The gas-operated heating sunshade
  • The electric heating
  • The outdoor fireplace

A question customers often ask is: Should I opt for an electric patio heater or a gas solution? Each model has its advantages as well as its disadvantages.

The advantage of the heated sunshade

Highly appreciated by merchants, heated umbrella heaters are beginning to take their place on home and condo owners’ terraces. Depending on the model chosen, it will heat an area of 20 to 30 square meters, which should cover the surface of your patio. It is important to consider that gas solutions must be filled frequently with a gas cylinder.

Disadvantages of a gas patio heater

Suppose they will allow you to enjoy your patio longer. In that case, it is important to take the following elements into the equation.

  • They are noisy;
  • They can be challenging to assemble depending on the model chosen;
  • They can be energy-hungry and increase the electricity bill in the summer;
  • In some cases, they can give off unpleasant odors.

Infratech electric patio heater.

If there is one model we recommend, it is the Infratech electric patio heater. Depending on your desires, you can install them on the wall, at the desired angle, or recessed into the ceiling. They are also silent and safe since they do not emit any odors or toxic fumes. Therefore, they can be put inside your home. Unlike a patio heater, which will require you to go to a convenience store or big-box store several times a year, you will have to replace the bulbs on patio heaters every two to three years, depending on your use.

Investing in an Infratech electric patio heater is a good way to extend the warm season in your living space. Requiring little maintenance, it will give cachet to your terrace while giving you good times with family or friends.

Want to invest in an electric patio heater? Contact the experts at the Balconier.

Since 2013, our mission is to reinvent the art of living in the city. Whether you have a small balcony or a large terrace, we have everything you need to make the most of your outdoor space.

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