How to arrange a large terrace? – 8 tricks to get started

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le 08 Feb 2022

Having a large terrace means being able to take full advantage of the summer! Whether it’s inviting a few friends over for a drink or enjoying a few BBQs, a terrace is a luxury that many people would like to have. Of course, an ample outdoor space also means a lot of responsibility! Often, people take a lot of time to decorate the interior of their homes. It is just as important to do the same for the exterior! Several questions remain unanswered…

How can I design a large terrace? How do I make sure that the garden furniture matches the outdoor space? If you can identify with these questions, rest assured, you are not alone.  These are questions frequently asked by our clients. That’s why we are offering you, here, a complete guide to arrange a large terrace properly. 

Design a large terrace in 10 steps.

  1. Define your needs;
  2. Draw up a timeline and a budget;
  3. Create a color palette;
  4. Choose the deck flooring
  5. Invest in your privacy;
  6. Protect yourself from ultraviolet rays and the sun;
  7. Don’t neglect the heating;
  8. Simplify your life with home automation;
  9. Choose good lighting to make the most of your terrace;
  10. Don’t forget the greenery!

Determine how you will use your deck.

Are you one of those who like to organize large gatherings on the terrace? Or do you prefer to use your outdoor space for gardening and growing your vegetable garden? Depending on your profile, you will not invest in the same type of outdoor furniture. Before you even go to a garden furniture store, we advise you to take the time to think about how you are going to use the terrace. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to identify your needs:

How many people are in the house?

Do you have children? If so, how will they enjoy the terrace?

Do you like to organize parties or not?

Do you want to install a pool for swimming or not?

Depending on your questions’ answers, it will become important to think about how many outdoor chairs you will need and the size of your garden table.


Take the time to establish a timeline and budget.

Poorly planned, the development of a large terrace will cost you dearly. Unforeseen events and last-minute ideas often happen. That’s why we advise you to set a budget. When the time comes to buy garden furniture, we strongly recommend you opt for anything durable and locally made. This way, your investment will last you for several summers.

Remember to make a rough plan for the terrace. That way, it will be easy to figure out where to install your sectionals, flower pots, and parasols. Depending on the size of the work you want to do, having a timeline is an excellent way to stay organized.

Create a color palette.

Have you ever heard of a color palette? Although architects, interior designers, and landscapers commonly use this term, it will be very important to integrate it into your vocabulary if you want to successfully layout your large deck. In the past, the color palette was the painter’s tool of choice where they put their colors. Nowadays, it is used to choose the main colors for a project, such as graphic design or a balcony layout.

No need to have sophisticated software like Photoshop to create a custom color palette. We recommend the website for a quick way to create your own. A good starting point is to use Johannes Itten’s color wheel. It directly associates harmonious colors for the human eye. You can also use the Pantone Institute, which is recognized by interior and exterior designers. If you lack inspiration, websites such as Pinterest and Instagram are brimming with examples. On these platforms, it is possible to save the images that inspired you the most to use them later.

Choose your deck flooring carefully.

How do I choose the material for my deck? The choice of material depends on the type of installation possible for your lot. In some cases, it is preferable to entrust the installation of the flooring to professionals. Here is a list of materials to consider.

  1. Concrete
    Concrete allows a quick installation, and you will have a smooth floor. Knowing that it is available in several colors and finishes, it is easier to match your color palette. We strongly recommend that you entrust the installation to a professional.
  2. Natural wood
    Natural wood will give a timeless cachet to your living space. With its wide choice of colors, it will be easy to coordinate it with the primary colors and your garden furniture. Of course, it is essential to take good care of it if you do not want the wood’s color to turn gray after a few seasons. For wood lovers, we invite you to read our complete guide so that you can properly clean and maintain your wooden deck.
  3. Composite wood
    Composite wood has the advantage of being 100% recyclable as well as being easier to clean. While it is more pleasant to walk barefoot on natural wood, composite wood offers an almost perfect imitation of it. We advise you to call professionals for installation. Improperly installed, the floor of your deck will be distorted with warping.
  4. In natural stone
    Simple to clean and sturdy, the stone will give your outdoor space a distinguished look. Knowing that natural stone can be cold to your feet, we advise you to invest in outdoor carpets.

Choosing the right garden furniture

How to choose garden furniture? There are 4 important elements to consider.

  1. The weight;
  2. The surface area covered by the outdoor furniture;
  3. The material in which the product is made;
  4. Durability and its warranty;

The weight of the outdoor furniture

If you like to rearrange your living space frequently, it is preferable to buy lighter or even foldable furniture. That way, garden tables and chairs will be much easier to move and store at the end of the summer.

The surface area 

Depending on the number of people and the rough layout plan made initially, you must take the time to look at the dimensions of the tables and chairs you are considering.

The material

Big department stores such as Costco or Canadian Tire will often carry plastic garden furniture. Affordable in cost, these will not necessarily last several summers. We advise you to turn to specialty stores. Yes, the investment will be more expensive upfront, but it will last longer, and you won’t have to worry about having to go the next year to buy new furniture.

The durability

 Take the time to sift through the product warranty. We advise you to go ahead with products that offer a minimum of 3 years warranty. Look at what other customers think before you make your decision.


Protect yourself from prying eyes

When you have an excellent time discovering some mocktails with guests, the goal is to catch up with your friends, not the neighbor. A good way to protect yourself from prying eyes is to invest in shade sails. Depending on the size of your budget, you can opt for an awning or summer curtains. Whether you choose awnings, curtains, or privacy canvases, make sure the fabric’s color matches your color palette.

Shield yourself from Uvs and wind.

While it’s always fun to get a tan on a beautiful sunny day, don’t forget about shade. Depending on the size of your terrace, you can choose garden umbrellas from the Treasure Garden brand or shade sails, depending on the size of your living space.

Terrace heaters to prolong your summer enjoyment!

Who said the hot season ends in September? While it’s not uncommon to see neighbors starting to store their outdoor furniture, it’s possible to enjoy the patio longer. With a patio heater, you’ll be able to keep yourself warm even on the cooler evenings of October.

Electric or gas patio heater? 

We strongly advise you to opt for an electric patio heater from Infratech! They require very little maintenance, unlike gas solutions, and can be installed on a wall or ceiling. To install an electric patio heater, you will need the help of an electrician. Do not hesitate to contact us; it will be our pleasure to help you.

Home automation to simplify your life.  

Imagine being able to control your electric patio heaters and your outdoor blinds with your retractable awnings. Home automation becomes more accessible than ever. With it, it becomes much easier to synchronize the various elements of your terrace and better enjoy life. You will be able to control everything without ever having to get up since it is possible to integrate home automation from your smartphone.

Choose good lighting to enjoy life better. 

Whether you are the type of person who enjoys spending an evening reading a book on your balcony or who likes to sit and chat until the wee hours of the morning in good company, it is important not to forget the lighting in your living space! Opt for a pendant luminaire from Twist, a Quebec brand.

Add greenery! 

If there is one piece of advice that is often repeated. Don’t neglect greenery. It is not necessary to go to the forest to have a change of scenery. By adding a few flowers, you can enjoy nature in the comfort of your terrace. For those who don’t have a green thumb, go ahead and use Lechuza self-watering pots. Their water reservoir and filling tube, which makes fertilization easy, will allow your plants to grow without you having to keep checking on them all the time.

To decorate your railing, you can add Greenbo pots. Very easy to install, they are wind resistant thanks to their patented mechanism. You won’t even need screws or brackets to install them. Greenbo pots are perfect for herbs and annual plants.

To create a large terrace, come to the Balconier Boutique! 

Since 2013, we have a mission to reinvent the art of living in the city. Whether you own a small balcony or a large terrace, you will find all the garden furniture you need to decorate your outdoor space on our online store. We’ve given you 10 concrete tips before proceeding with the layout of your balcony. Establishing your needs is very crucial so that you can set a budget and a timeline. Once you have decided on the color palette, it will become easier to choose the right garden furniture, flooring, and greenery. Don’t wait for the summer season; come and discover, right now, our products for balconies and terraces.



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