How to arrange a resting corner on his balcony – our 5 tricks

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le 12 Apr 2021

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of working from home? While some people especially appreciate the schedule flexibility that comes with working from home, it can be challenging to draw the line between work and personal life. According to CBDistillery’s latest survey of 2,000 Americans, more than 60% of respondents say they:

  • Putting in more hours at work than they used to;
  • That taking time for themselves is discouraged by their employer;
  • That they feel pressure always to be available.

More than ever, it is essential to give yourself a break. With the summer season starting, we offer you 3 tips to transform your balcony into an ideal relaxing space.

How to arrange a resting corner on his balcony?

  1. Choose a comfortable and ergonomic chair;

  2. Incorporate greenery into your workspace;

  3. Keep warm with an electric patio heater.

Choose the right garden chair.

To rest well, you need to sit well. We’ve got a few outdoor chairs that will help you disconnect when you want to read a good book or soak up the sun on a sunny day.

Outdoor chair ideas for small balconies

Designed in conjunction with the medical profession, the Futura zero gravity chair from Lafuma will provide you with great moments on your balcony. Since the fabric is made of Batyline, it will not fade in the sun and dry quickly after a rainy day.

Some ideas for patio chairs

With great space comes great responsibility. Joking aside, why not opt for sectionals as well as modular sofas? The Ashbee collection from Telescope Casual will allow you to make the most of your living space. Make sure you have room to store it once the warm season is over.

For more tips on maintaining your outdoor furniture, click here.

Don’t overlook the greenery on your terrace

Some pots for small balconies

Having a small balcony should not prevent you from cultivating flowers or cherry tomatoes in pots. Greenbo pots will be your best friends. Easy to install and very sturdy, they will spruce up your balcony railing while allowing you to garden peacefully.



Some pots for large terraces

Cubico Color pots fit perfectly on any surface around your home, indoors or outdoors. With its water reservoir at the bottom of the planter, this flower pot is perfect for those who don’t have a green thumb. Thanks to its high-quality plastic, the pot will not lose its shine since it is resistant to ultraviolet rays and frost.

To keep your plants hydrated, we recommend the Yula watering can. Robust and ergonomic, its ergonomic tip makes it easy to fill the water reserves of Lechuza pots.

Prioritize comfort with electric patio heaters

Just because the weather is cool doesn’t mean you should stay inside. Extend your summer by investing in an electric patio heater from Infratech. Electric patio heaters are perfect for small spaces as well, as they can be mounted on the wall without monopolizing the available space on your balcony. Rest assured that electric solutions will provide heat to your outdoor space without any problem for owners of large terraces.

To design your balcony, come to Le Balconier!

We have had a simple mission since 2013: to reinvent the art of living in the city. Whether you have the largest terrace in Montreal or a narrow balcony, we offer a wide selection of garden furniture and pots for your flowers. At Le Balconier, you will find several brands from Canada and abroad such as Lafuma, Demain Dimanche, Innit Design, and Lechuza.

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