How to choose a balcony umbrella? Our 5 tips.

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le 05 Apr 2021

There is nothing better than to see the snow melting away, little by little, and allowing spring to take over. Knowing that summer will be here in a few weeks, we have only one desire, to enjoy going outside without our winter clothes. It is now possible to invite your friends on your balcony to share a few drinks and catch up on old times. Because a balcony is often synonymous with sunshine and good weather, it is essential to choose the right balcony shade. In this blog post, we list 5 concrete tips to help you choose the right umbrella for the summer season.

How to choose the right balcony umbrella?

  1. Consider the size of your deck;
  2. Choose between a fixed or mobile base;
  3. Decide between a straight or arched arm balcony umbrella;
  4. Opt for a color that will complement your deck;
  5. Check out the warranties on balcony umbrellas.

Before you buy a balcony umbrella, determine the dimensions of your outdoor space.

Imagine you’ve just ordered a beautiful balcony umbrella. When you’re about to install it, you find that it doesn’t fit your deck at all. Before you buy, make sure you measure the size of your deck. If you live in a condo, see if there is a deck above yours.

Fixed or mobile base for the umbrella?

If you are the type of person who likes to change your balcony design frequently, we advise you to opt for a mobile base. That way, it will be much easier to move your umbrella when it’s time to redesign your outdoor space. For those who already have a well-established plan, go ahead with a fixed base.

Straight or arched arm umbrella?

For smaller spaces, we recommend going with a straight umbrella. Not only will it provide long-lasting shade, but it also won’t take up too much space. If you own a large deck, give your deck some flair with an arched arm umbrella.

How to choose the right color for the balcony umbrella?

Choosing the right color for your outdoor furniture starts with creating a color palette that suits your taste. We recommend using the website to create your own. For a minimalist style, limit yourself to two or three colors. For larger spaces, you can go as high as 5 tones.

Don’t forget to check the warranty

A balcony umbrella is, first and foremost, an investment. The goal is for it to last you through several summers. Choose products with a warranty longer than two years. To ensure that your parasol retains its color, choose a product that is protected against ultraviolet rays. This way, the fabric will keep its shine for several years.

To find balcony umbrellas, come to Balconier

Since 2013, our mission can be summed up in one phrase, reinvent the art of urban living. We offer a great selection of outdoor furniture for small balconies and patios. In this blog post, we’ve outlined 5 simple and practical tips to help you decide on the perfect umbrella. First, be sure to measure your living space to choose the right size umbrella. Next, you will need to select the type of base and type of umbrella. Choose a color that complements and matches your living space, and don’t forget to check the warranties.

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