How to choose a planter for your balcony?

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le 08 Feb 2022

Summer is just around the corner. It’s the time to dive back into our summer reading lists, anticipating the sun on our cheeks and the laughter to come on our patio. Whether it’s to create a vibrant or relaxing atmosphere, plants are the key touch that brings life to the patio. And when you say plants, you say planters to accommodate them. In this blog post, we’ll explain how to choose the perfect planter for you.

What exactly is a planter?

A planter is the container in which you put your outdoor plantings. At Le balconier, you’ll find different types of planters for the yard and balcony that will suit your style and space.

Make sure you choose the perfect planter for your needs

We often tend to store for planters in love at first sight mode. Unique design. So adorable. We buy. However, there are several important criteria to consider before purchasing, such as the type of plant and the function of the space.  

Balcony size 

What does your dream balcony look like? Is it the perfect cocoon for reading on a Sunday in July or the perfect place to dance to rap music on a Friday night? Depending on your vision for the summer, you won’t have the same number or arrangement of balcony planters. Be sure to make a simple plan to anticipate the needs of your dream setting.

Our favorite recommendation: the Greenbo planter.

Easy to install. Durable. Colorful. Simply place the planter on your railing (round, square, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s between 1 and 4 inches) and you’re done. You don’t even need to get out the screwdriver!

greenbo planterGreenbo planter 

Weight of the planter

If you plan to move your plants several times during the summer, to give them enough light or to make room for the visit, the weight of the pot is to be considered. We recommend plastic or metal pots, which are particularly light (see the section What is the ideal material?).

Size of the planter

A planter that is too small suffocates the roots and hinders their development, while one that is too large creates an excess of water that can cause the roots to rot. We invite you to learn about the needs and growth of your plants to choose the optimal size. If the roots are growing upwards, it’s time to choose a larger pot.

Want to hang your plants, but don’t want a visible support? The solution: a support like the Balconera. In addition to being versatile, quick to install and compatible with other Lechuza products, this support is safe and virtually invisible. Also, make sure you have a planter mat to avoid discomfort after watering a passerby!

Balconera BarcketBalconera Brackets 

What is the ideal material?

It all depends on your plants and the aesthetics you are looking for.


Its advantages :

  • Retains water from watering so that it goes directly to the plant
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain


  • More difficult to aerate
  • Some pots may tarnish in the sun

If your plant loves humid environments, this is the option for it.


Its advantages:

  • Distinguished aesthetics
  • Facilitates the evaporation of water
  • Continuous aeration
  • Stability

Its disadvantages :

  • More difficult to move (weight)
  • Requires more frequent watering (because of its porous surface)

It is made especially for dry soil plants, like succulents. Cacti and it are one.

The ceramic

Its advantages :

  • Vintage look
  • Its warm and adorable patterns

Its disadvantage:

  • Does not absorb water

The metal

Its advantages :

  • Easy maintenance
  • Modern look

Its disadvantage:

  • Overheats easily in the sun

How to avoid stained pots?

Like any object that spends the summer outside, pots are not immune to dirt. Before your happy hour, give your planters a quick wipe down with a cloth or brush in case there are soil stains or lime deposits. Before using a cleaning product, consult the supplier’s website to avoid tarnishing your planter. Every material needs its own maintenance, so prevention is better than cure!

The balcony is always greener on your neighbor’s… But not this summer. Le Balconier has been reinventing the art of urban living since 2018 so you don’t have to go out for a drink in an acceptable setting. We have an array of planters that will showcase your plants while keeping them healthy. Click right here to start concocting your summer planters.

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