How to decorate your terrace in autumn?

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le 08 Feb 2022

Autumn begins to point at the tip of his nose. Temperatures are cooler than temperatures we had in summer. It’s not possible to just tan in our favourite swimsuit like we used to do in June or July. Autumn temperatures make it harder to read or speak with few friends until the wee hours. Another thing to consider, the sun goes down sooner! How can you really appreciate a book that you can’t read? Hopefully, we have some advice to decor your balcony during autumn and enjoy your outdoor space longer.


Rarely, during October we see the temperature reaching 30 °C like it was often the case in July. However, there are many ways to keep yourself warm on your balcony. When you decide to invest in a solution to warm up your space, the first thing you should be considering is the size.

For Small Spaces: Here’s a sustainable, local solution specially conceived for small spaces. Eco-Feu’s table fireplace will be useful for you inside and outside your house. With a single refill, the flame emanating from the table fireplace will warm you up for four hours.

For bigger spaces: There’s also a sustainable, simple and easy way to keep your space warm: electric patio heaters! With his infrared radiants, it’ll keep the surface and the outdoor furniture of your space warm longer. Rather than warming the air, it warms the surface, so when there’s a cool breeze, the heat won’t go away. Also, you won’t have to review your exterior design since it can be recessed in the ceiling or under an awning. Gaz patio heaters need you to make a lot of round trips between the convenience store and your home, which isn’t the case of electric patio heaters since it can be plugged into an electrical outlet.

For Your Chilly Friends

We all have that friend who shivers, even if the heating is on. A throw will fit well with your terrace. You friend’ll be able to snuggle in the throw and you’ll be able to discuss longer.

When you decide to invest in a solution to warm up your space, the first thing you should be considering is the size of your terrace.


It’s not even 6 PM, and the sun is already gone… It’s not a reason to end a beautiful evening and go inside.

To Place Under Your Lawn Umbrellas

Vega and Luna umbrella light are simple and useful. You just have to hook them under the umbrella, turn them on and you’ll have a great lighting. Small tip: You can direct the light directly to the umbrella so the light is diffused on your balcony. The principal advantage of the Luma umbrella light is that they include Bluetooth speakers. You’ll be able to dance until wee hours. We also have a few playlist for you!



To Place on Your Table

Luci’s inflatable solar lamps will accompany you as much as on your balcony than in your house. They’ll offer you light during several hours continuously. As they’re waterproof, you will even be able to read in your bath. Some models can charge up your phone. Another lamp that will be useful inside and outside your house is the Edison Le Petit Lamp from FatBoy. Wireless and rechargeable, you will enjoy 6 to 24 hours of continuously with its 3 modes. Her iconic silhouette and her minimalist design will fit well in your house.

For an Intimate Atmosphere

Do you like the evening with your loved one? We have some scented candles that will bring light and make you enjoy a great experience. With her emanations, these candles will help you relax after a long day of work. You can find beeswax candles and lavender candles in our boutique.

If you need some tips to relax after work, we have five advice for you!



For small spaces: In summer, we recommended you to use bright colours. During autumn, it’s a good idea to use sober colours that will fit well with the season. Don’t hesitate to play with different shades of grey, so that your outdoor furniture will fit with your home. Spritz table from Nardi will serve you as a coffee table and a high table with his two high options.  

For bigger spaces: Have you ever heard of the Canadian brand Ratana? Ratana proposes several bistro tables for your outdoor living. With his adjustable foot and his commercial grade, these tables will give style to your balcony. Considering that they were built for hosting and restoration industry, they’ll be there for a long time.

What you need to keep in mind!

We have presented you several solutions that will embellish your terrace and will allow yourself to brave autumn’s cooler temperature. On the one hand, before considering investing in a heating solution for your balcony, you should consider the size of your space. For small spaces, a table fireplace will be enough; for bigger space, an electric patio heater would be a great idea. On the other hand, for autumn you should choose sober colours that will fit in your house. Don’t hesitate to come to Le Balconier for advice, we can help you!

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