Set up an apartment balcony – 5 tips to arrange your outdoor space

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le 11 Jan 2021

Mercury is starting to rise. The beautiful spring temperatures are beginning to give way to summer temperatures. It is no longer necessary to put on a small jacket to go outside, just put on a t-shirt, and that’s it. Summer is the perfect time to spend some time reading a few books on your deckchair or sharing a few drinks in good company on your terrace. Whether you want to welcome some guests on your balcony or relax by doing a little yoga, it is essential to arrange it well. Many people often neglect the terrace, which should be treated like any other room in the house. Specialized in balcony and terrace design since 2013, we give you helpful tips to decorate your apartment balcony for the summer season.  Evaluate your needs.

Properly evaluate your needs. 

How do you plan to use your balcony? Do you plan to invite friends over every Sunday for drinks or big brunches? Depending on what you plan to use it for, you may choose a different layout. It is crucial to establish what the purpose of your terrace is based on the space you have. Don’t hesitate to make a preliminary plan on a sheet of paper and a budget. If you lack inspiration, why not get some from Instagram or Pinterest?

Invest in the privacy of your terrace.

The terrace is the ideal space to share beautiful moments with your friends or your significant other. Of course, it is important to invest in privacy if you don’t want your neighbours’ eyes to be drawn to your living space. Know that we have a large selection of privacy sails on our online store that will complement your balcony.

voile d'intimité pour balcon d'appartement

Don’t overlook the floor of your terrace.
Often forgotten, it is essential to design the floor of your balcony. At your discretion, you can cover the floor in whole or in part. A quality outdoor carpet will add contrast to the floor of your balcony while offering your feet an added level of comfort.
tapis extérieur pour balcon d'appartement

Create a relaxation zone.
After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than snuggling up in sectionals and cushions to immerse yourself in a book or meditate. Take the time to create a space made for relaxation with modular sofas and outdoor cushions. Of course, it is vital to have a defined color palette so that your cushions match the outdoor furniture.

Add some greenery.

Do you have a green thumb? If not, we have self-watering pots that will allow your plants to grow without you having to worry about watering them. Not only will the plants beautify your deck, but they will also help reduce your stress.

balcon d'appartement

Light up your deck.

One of life’s little pleasures is being able to enjoy the view of the city from your deck at night. Whether it’s chatting with friends until the wee hours of the morning or doing some yoga, it’s always nice to have lighting on your apartment balcony. For small patios, we advise you to add a Moroccan lamp or choose Luci inflatable solar lamps.

Want to give cachet to your outdoor space? We invite you to discover our outdoor furniture selection on our site. Since 2013, our mission is to reinvent the art of living in the city, one balcony at a time.

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