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Discover the history and mission of Le Balconier

Our advantages

Choosing Le Balconier means opting for high-end products and service.

Local Local products

Incorporate Quebec expertise on your balcony.

+300 Hundreds of products for your balcony.

We specialize in designing your deck to fit your vision.

Durable Products that will last you a long time.

Choosing Le Balconier means choosing outdoor furniture that will follow you for several summers.

International Discover high-end international brands

Why traveling when you can transform your outdoor space?

Le balconier reinvents the art of living in the city

The city as a garden. Our dream! Balconies and terraces become comfortable, pleasant and intimate places. Whether for reading, cooking, entertaining friends, growing flowers or vegetables, relaxing or simply enjoying the sun and the outdoors. Places to live almost all year round, just like the other rooms in the house.

Everything you need in one place, regardless of the size of the space available!

No need to go around town to quickly transform your balcony or terrace into a functional and welcoming environment. Offering a complete range of outdoor furniture and decorating accessories: this is the mission of Le Balconier, an independent business that opened on April 15, 2013.

Design look, commercial quality, recognized brands

Our outdoor furniture and accessories have a decidedly urban feel. They are chosen for their durability and their ability to remain outdoors all year long with minimal maintenance. They come from all over the world, but as much as possible from Quebec and Canada, in order to reduce the impact of transportation on the environment and to encourage local artisans. Le Balconier brand products are all made in Quebec.

Our priority: to satisfy our customers' needs

Need help or advice? Can’t find what you need? We will surely be able to help you thanks to the many services offered in our store: turnkey design, custom outdoor furniture and accessories, special orders from over 40 suppliers, outdoor furniture upholstery, delivery and referencing.

Because it is important to us...

The Balconier is committed to contributing to the betterment of our community and the environment. We encourage local purchasing, contribute to community projects, promote the greening of the city, maximize reuse and recycling and minimize the use of packaging products.

Our warehouse

Want to try our products? Come and see them in our warehouse located at 5598 Hochelaga street in Montreal.

The balcony should be treated with love like any other room in the house!

Karoline Trudeau, President of Le Balconier

Let our customers tell you about Le Balconier

Eric M.
Publié en 2016

Thank you for your great service and unique product selection. I stopped by just to check out your store and walked out with a set for my balcony. The price is amazing and I will definitely be going back for my accessories.

Madeleyn C
Publié en 2021

Excellent service. Very nice product. Perfect for my balcony.

Beatrice B
Publié en 2020

Beautiful balcony decorations and ingenious planters… A must see before Christmas!

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