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Balconera Stone (Multicolors and sizes)


Balconera stone planters are an eye-catcher with their overflowing flowers and herbs.

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Full Description

Whether hanging from a balcony railing, under a window, on a wall or fence, or simply placed on the ground or on a windowsill, BALCONERA STONE pots are an eye-catcher with their overflowing flowers and herbs. Because even in hot weather, they take care of your plants and provide them with the necessary amount of water thanks to their integrated 3 or 5 liter water tank. In short, they offer all the advantages of the Lechuza indoor/outdoor pots: easy maintenance, elegance and durability. They don’t suffer from the sun or the cold, and if you lose or break a piece, you can replace it. All Lechuza pots are equipped with an ingenious and still unmatched watering system that promotes better plant growth through a balanced water supply. You’ll be surprised at how much your plants grow without you having to worry about them! Rainfall is often enough to fill the water tank, so you’ll almost never have to water it. An overflow system allows excess water to drain away as it is needed. Now you can go on vacation without worrying and understand why Lechuza pots are so popular around the world, both inside and outside the home!

Reddot International Design Competition – 2010 Award Winner

Features :
Indoor/outdoor use
High quality woven plastic, UV and frost resistant
One or two removable planters in neutral colors with hidden carrying handles for easy plant replacement
Water reservoir at the bottom of the tray
Water level indicator in the tank
Tank filling tube for easy watering and fertilization. It also allows to avoid watering the occupants of the apartments below.
Includes a sufficient amount of Lechuza-Pon to cover the bottom of the pot. Lechuza-Pon drainage/planting substrate that regulates the water supply to the plant and contains nutrients and fertilizer.
Can be placed directly on the ground
Can be suspended or hung on a wall with Lechuza planter hangers (not included)
Screws integrated in the bottom of the pot. Can be removed for outdoor use to allow excess water to drain away. Replace easily for indoor use.

Length: 20″ – 50 cm
Depth: 19 cm – 7″
Height: 7″ – 19 cm
Water tank: 3 l – 0.8 gal
Planting volume: 8 l – 1.8 gal
Removable planting tray: 1 tray

Manufacturer: Lechuza (Germany)

Warranty: 1 year


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