How to choose your garden chair?

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le 12 Sep 2022

After a hard day’s work, we head to his yard. You sit on your lawn chair. It’s an automatism. It’s what marks the transition between a hard day’s work and well-deserved relaxation. And how to choose this famous outdoor chair? There are many things to consider: the space available, the materials, the level of comfort required and the aesthetics of your yard. In this article, we will help you choose the right outdoor chair for your needs.

Optimal dimensions to avoid cluttering the space

People often give up on the idea of getting a good lawn chair because of space limitations. However, there are some great outdoor chairs that are stylish, comfortable and compact! First of all, consider the space available. What are the dimensions of your table? How big is your balcony? Make sure you leave enough space on your balcony to move around or even install some plants for decoration.

If your space is limited, you have two interesting choices: modest width chairs or folding chairs. The advantage of folding chairs is that they free up space when stored. Forget the mental image of rough and uncomfortable folding chairs – we too are saturated with backaches after dinner. Our suggestion: the Anytime chair from Lafuma. It’s classy, durable and very comfortable. It defies the traditional folding chair design. Take a look:

One word: comfort

We can’t say it enough: you spend so much time sitting in your lawn chair, it’s essential to have a comfortable chair to enjoy it properly. However, comfort does not have the same definition for everyone. Are you more comfortable with a straight back? Reclined? Do you plan to spend most of your time sunbathing or chatting with friends? All these questions will influence the choice of your chair’s shape and inclination. The best way to choose the optimal chair for your activities is to plan ahead and, of course, to try it out. Feel free to stop by and see us, we have a wide selection of outdoor chairs, both online and in store.

A favorite of the team: the Lafuma zero gravity chair. Trust us: trying a zero gravity chair is adopting it. Lafuma’s chair is foldable. It is therefore suitable for both the balcony and the yard. Its reclining backrest makes it perfect for all occasions, from big family discussions to lazy afternoons in the sun.

Playing with shapes and colors

There are two schools of thought when it comes to outdoor seating: match… or mismatch. There is no one better than the other, it all depends on your vision for your balcony. Matching chairs and tables is definitely easier. The look is harmonious, soft to the eye. It’s hard to go wrong. However, if you want to have fun mixing materials, shapes and colors, know that it’s possible too! Just make sure you have a common thread, such as a focal color or material to keep the combination from being too eclectic.

Here are some suggestions for inspiration:

  • Pair green and white – a summer classic
  • Balance gray with pops of color for a refreshing look
  • Use wood for a natural and relaxing atmospher

Which material to choose?

The choice of material can be based on aesthetics, but also on durability and lightness. If you plan to move your outdoor chairs often, a lightweight material would be preferable. However, if you live in a windy environment, a heavy material might be more optimal to prevent the chairs from falling over in the slightest wind.

Resin garden chair

  • Ideal for small budgets
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Weather resistant (but can blow away easily)

Wooden garden chair

  • Elegant, warm and natural look
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Regular maintenance to keep its original condition (stain, oil, etc.)
  • The seat is a little firm, but with a good cushion, it’s done!

Metal garden chair


  • Light
  • Does not rust
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Low maintenance


  • Strong (good wind resistance)
  • Weather resistant

Ready to relax in your backyard the way it should be? At Le Balconier, we have an array of garden chairs to help you find the best compromise between comfort, aesthetics and durability. Take a look at our selection right here and find the chairs of your next summer memories.

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