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Quadro LS Premium (Multicolors and sizes)


Indoor/outdoor planters of the Lechuza brand, they do not fear sun nor cold. They are equipped with a smart and still unmatched sub-irrigation system, ensuring better plant growth

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Full Description

You may have noticed QUADRO LS planters at the entrance of an hotel, on the terrace of your favourite restaurant, in your dentist’s waiting room, or in your downtown office. What do all these businesses have in common? They all appreciate the main features of indoor/outdoor Lechuza planters: low maintenance, elegance and durability. All Lechuza planters are equiped with a smart and still unmatched sub-irrigation system, ensuring better plant growth thanks to a balanced water supply. You will be surprised to see how much your plants are growing with so little care from your part! Lechuza planters do not fear sun nor cold weather and if you would loose or break a piece, it could be replaced. When used outdoor, rain is often all that is required to fill up their water reservoir, meaning that you will rarely need to water the plants. An overflow is allowing excess water to find its way out so your plants will not be flooded. And if you bring your house plants outdoor for the summer, your planters will not crack nor fade under the sun. You will be able to leave on vacation for a longer period of time without worrying. You too will understand why Lechuza planters are so much appreciated everywhere in the world, indoor and outdoor!

Features :

Indoor/outdoor use
High-quality, UV- and frost-resistant, lacquered plastic
Removable planter liners making changing plants easy
Water reservoir in the bottom of the planter
Water level indicator telling you when to refill the reservoir
Water supply shaft making adding water and fertilizer easy
Includes the perfect amount of Lechuza-Pon to cover the bottom. Lechuza-Pon is a substrate for planting and drainage that perfectly controls the water supply and provided essential nutrients and fertilizer to the plant

Length:21 cm – 9″
Depth:21 cm – 9″
Height:20 cm – 8″
Water tank:1 l – 0.3 gal
Planting volume:4 l – 0.9 gal

Brand : Lechuza (Germany)

Warranty : 1 year


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