5 gift ideas for last-minute buyers

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le 08 Feb 2022

It’s important to put your winter tires if it’s not already the case.

It’s important to buy a shovel, or a snowblower to take out the first snow lined.

For a lot of people, it’s time to think about the preparations for the Christmas party or the gift exchange at the office.

Don’t forget the fir trees and decorations to put around the house. There are so many things to think about during the month of December. It’s easy to forget Christmas gifts.

December 24th is the date where last-minute buyers invade malls to find the perfect present for their loved ones. Whether than running the malls, here are five gift ideas that will surprise your relatives that you can find at Le Balconier.


  • For lovers of reading
  • For lovers of adventure
  • For those who like to relax
  • For those who like to toast
  • For lovers of gardening


We all have that friend who always recommends a thousand books to read. Whether than coming to grab a few drinks with you on a terrace, he prefers to install himself comfortably on his balcony snuggled in his throw with a book in hand.

To make sure your friend always has a good posture during his long reading session, we recommend a “zero gravity chair.” With her zero-gravity position and her adjustable and removable cushioned headrest, the chair will let your friend escape while reading.

chaise lafuma zéro gravité


You’re going to camp with a few friends during the weekend. You’re walking, you’re having a great time. Once the evening, you snuggle yourself into a tent and you notice that you don’t have any light and your phone is running low on battery.

Inflatable solar light Luci Lux Pro will become, quickly, a must during outdoor outings. Lasting up to 50 hours and including a USB cable, it will be able to charge your smartphone and enlighten you during the evening.

lampe luci lux pro


The more time goes by, the more we will be brought to take more responsibilities during our careers. For many, it means long hours at the office. It’s important to know when to let it go and relax. After a long day, nothing is better than take a bath with some scented candles.

According to the taste, we have lavender and beeswax scented candles. They will spread a sweet fragrance and create a perfect ambiance for relaxation.  


Whether it’s Sunday during the brunch or a Thursday during the [email protected], we all have that friend who always invites us to grab a drink on a terrace to party when the summer begins.

Offer him a Nicebucket ice bucket, it will keep his cocktails cold during the evening or the brunch. Available in several colours and different patterns, it’ll add a touch of originality on the table.


Taking care of an interior plant is harder than you thought. It’s important to water it, to give it light, to give it enough humidity to grow and the right temperature.

With the arrival of snow, it’s hard to cultivate a small garden. However, it’s still possible to have some plants inside the house. A Capi planter is a good gift idea for your friend who likes to nurture his plants and wish to give some style to his shelf by adding some greenery.

Choosing the right present for our relatives if far from easy. There are some misstep to avoid and a lot of elements to consider giving the right gift. We gave you five ideas according to five different types of people. Don’t hesitate to come to Le Balconier to discover our wide selection of products during the holidays.

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