How to choose the perfect gift for Christmas? – 3 misstep to avoid

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le 08 Feb 2022

Forthwith Halloween is gone, a lot of people begin to put out their decorations and pumpkins and are thinking about Christmas. Holidays, it’s these precious moments shared with friends, a good banquet with our relatives and a lot of gifts to unpack. It’s never too early to shop! Nothing is worse than going shopping at the last minute in a crowded shop. By getting ahead, you can avoid these situations. People usually shop at the last minute because they don’t know where to begin to buy a good gift. There are so many elements to consider when offering a present. If you want to amaze your relatives, here are a few advice.


  • Don’t spend too much
  • See only in the short term
  •  Giving the same gift than last year


By spending a large amount of money to offer a gift, your relatives may feel uncomfortable if they can’t invest as much as you. According to a study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychologyit’s not the value of the gift that’s considered by your receiver but the gift themselves. There’s no direct correlation between the price of the gift and the satisfaction.

Advice from Le Balconier—Prepare a budget! For couples and families that want to exchange gifts, it would be a good idea to set a spending limit per gift, so you’ll avoid any misunderstanding.

Gift Idea for Smaller Budget
Whether your friend is an adventurer or likes to read, Inflatable Solar Light Luci Candle will be very useful for them. The lamp can last up to 12 hours on a bright setting, they won’t miss any light during long reading sessions on their balcony or during a camping night.

lampe solaire gonflable luci  Inflatable Solar Light Luci Candle Price : 25 $

”According to a study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, it’s not the value of the gift that’s considered by your receiver but the gift themselves.”


At a time when people want concrete actions to be taken for the planet, it would be wiser to give a sustainable gift whether than an ephemeral. Not only will the planet thank you, but your relatives will keep a good souvenir of you for a long time.

Advice from Le Balconier—Prefer articles with a long warranty and local products. In case of a break or a malfunction, your friend will be able to exchange it easily.

Sustainable Gift Idea
For your festive friends, an ice bucket is a good way to make sure that their cocktails are fresh all night long. Handmade from recyclable materials, it can contain ice for five hours and will add a unique touch to your table. The ice buckets also come with a pinch to take the ice cubes.

Ice bucket NicebucketPrice : 85 $

”Bet on originality and personalization.” 


Avoid giving a present that you gave last year to the same person. It could be misinterpreted as a lack of consideration from you.

Advice from Le Balconier—Don’t hesitate to conserve a list of all the gifts you bought to avoid any inattention errors. Bet on originality and personalization.

Original Gift Idea
For your relatives that like to organize a picnic when the summer begins or for those who shiver, a fouta will be their best friends. Traditionally, Tunisian foutas were worn at the belt level at the exit of the hammams to dry the body. Nowadays, foutas has other utilities, they’re worn around the neck or wrapped around the body when the mercury drops.

foutas tunisiennes

Foutas (Many Colours)Price : 45$

To give a gift is an art and a science. To amaze your relatives, don’t hesitate to bet on originality and personalization while respecting your budget. If you need help or gift ideas, come at Le Balconier, we can help you.  

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