Interior Plant Care Tips for a Successful Pinterest Decor

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le 08 Feb 2022

The plants have the quality of airing and greatly improve any indoor or outdoor decor. However, they also need to be nurtured, and often our plants look nothing like Pinterest photos pinned for want of time. Fortunately, Le Balconier has some tips to give you to have the most beautiful plants in the neighbourhood without much effort (and so you can make pictures #homedesign ultra stylish).




The water requirements vary according to the genus, the species and the size of the plant, as well as according to the season of the year. When you have a great diversity of plants, it can be difficult to navigate. Here are some simple things to make sure your plants are always well watered.

1. First, you can check if your plant needs water by touching the ground with your finger. If it is dry, it’s time to water it. This check is important to make sure you do not drown your plants (goodbye Instagram photos to make jealous).

2. As for the amount and frequency of watering, it is best to feed the plants copiously but not too often. From March to September, it is ideal for you to give them water once a week. In winter, the “rest” period for the majority of plants, the frequency can be reduced to 15 days.

3. The temperature of the water also plays a role in the success of watering. Water should be used at room temperature because too cold water could kill your plants. Ideally, recovered rainwater is what plants prefer.


You do not have the time, or you forget to water your plants? No problem, Le Balconier has what you need. Indeed, our self-watering Lechuza pots do all the work thanks to their water tank and their filling tube which facilitates watering and fertilization of your plants. In addition, these magic pots have a very charming design and are resistant to UV rays. All the details here.


To grow, plants need natural light (a.k.a. the sun). However, just like the water needs, too much light is not enough. If you overexpose your plants, it can be damaged (the same way you become a lobster when you go to the south in February).


From March to September, the ideal is to place your plants on the edge of windows to the east, because they receive the light indirectly (no risk of “sunburn”). For the winter period, windows facing south are to be preferred (a small change of scenery is always good).


To optimize the light on your plants, you can turn your pot a quarter of a turn with each watering.

You do not have time to think about these details or you simply do not have windows in the east? Get our Greenbo pots, they do the work for you by limiting
the UV rays! In addition, they simply land on all forms of railing (no support or screws required). As if that was not enough, they are offered in 7 colours to match any decor. All the details here.



Since each plant has special needs, it is important to be well informed when you get it. Generally, plants with thick, waxed or fleshy foliage (eg succulents) readily adapt to dry air, unlike foliage plants. Our Capi pots, which are small, light, handmade pots, are ideal for succulents or other small plants. They allow adding a touch of greenery on a shelf. All the details here.

Heating has a negative effect on thin-leaved plants because it makes the air very dry. To counter this, you can get a humidifier. In addition to helping your plants, the humidifier is good for you. Goodbye colds too common and dry skin and irritated (hello perfect selfies with your plants in full health). Most plants prefer a moisture content of between 40% and 60%. Otherwise, in winter, you can spray your plants 2 to 3 times a week.


As for the temperature, no head breaking (yeah). Most plants adapt to normal room temperatures. For the chilly of this world, be careful not to abuse the heating so as not to dry your plants.


Thus, 4 factors are important to have beautiful indoor plants: watering, light, temperature, and humidity. Thanks to our little tricks, you have all the tools to succeed your decor “instragrammable”, especially if you get our different pots! #GreenDecor #LeBalconier


– Lechuza pots here

– Greenbo pots here

– Capi pots here





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